3 Ways to Fill Out Your Resume Gaps

Looking for new employment can be a difficult and stressful process, especially if you are currently unemployed. One of the problems of job hunting is that the longer the actual process of looking for a job takes, the bigger the unemployment gap in your resume becomes. A gap in your resume doesn’t look good to potential employers – especially a long one. In order to avoid being passed over because of the gap in your employment record, use the following 3 tips to help fill those time periods in your resume:

Volunteer with a non-profit – Spending your free time volunteering your services at a non-profit organization not only looks fantastic on a resume, you may also learn some valuable skills. Some of the tasks you may be assigned include helping to create the organization’s newsletters, helping to coordinate fundraisers, helping to write grants and more. In addition to making your resume look good and improving some of your skills, you’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing you are helping with a good cause – and you may even make a few connections with those you work with, which could help you land a job sometime down the road. Check out your local chamber of commerce orĀ volunteermatch.org for charities that resonate with you.

Obtain an internship – If you’re having issues with finding paid work, consider obtaining an internship. Odds are you’ll only be working part time and that you won’t be paid for your work. However, the experience you gain from interning is often well worth the time and effort. An internship can help you gain important experience, lean new and valuable skills, make connections with important people and improve your resume. If you do a good enough job to get noticed during your internship, the company interning you may offer you a permanent – and paid – position. Find internship opportunities through networking, church, association memberships, Internships.com and InternMatch.

Take classes – Taking classes is an excellent way to boost your qualifications for certain jobs. An extra degree or certification is always going to make you look good AND more qualified. Even if you aren’t going back to school full time in order to get that degree, taking classes is a great way to learn new skills, especially when they are technology-based. Knowing how to use that one computer program can be the difference between getting a job and being passed over.

These are three ways that you can fill out your resume gaps that will also help improve your skill set and look good to potential employers. If you are unemployed and are having a difficult time finding a job, strongly consider volunteering at a non-profit, getting an internship or taking classes.

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