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Steps to getting out of retail

  1. Decide what you want to do next
  2. Research employers and job opportunities
  3. Develop your targeted resume
  4. Distribute your resume
  5. Prepare for interviews
  6. Evaluate offers and negotiate your salary

Here are the best resources for each step of your transition out of retail and into a job you love:

Decide what you want to do next:

Exploring the possibilities can be fun! Research on your own or invest in the services of a Career Coach.

Find a career coach through the Career Thought Leaders or Career Directors International.

Conduct your own research using The Occupational Outlook Handbook online and career exploration books available at the library or bookstore.

Research employers and job opportunities:

Research employers using

Research job opportunities using national and local job boards.

Develop your targeted resume:

Write your resume yourself (not recommended in most cases) or invest in the services of a professional resume strategist/writer.

Find a professional resume writer through the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches or Career Thought Leaders.

Distribute your resume:

There are numerous methods for distributing your resume. We recommend using ALL of them:

  • Post your resume on local and industry-specific job boards
  • Respond directly to advertised opportunities
  • Send your resume directly to employers you want to work for, whether or not there is an advertised opening
  • Join LinkedIn or update your LinkedIn profile
  • Leverage your network and industry and nonprofit association memberships

Prepare for interviews:

The most qualified candidate doesn’t always get the job. The candidate with the best interviewing skills does. Learn the art of interviewing on your own or invest in the services of an interview coach.

Self-learning through

Find a professional interview coach through Career Thought Leaders.

Evaluate offers and negotiate your salary:

Don’t leave money on the table. Research salaries in advance, know your worth, and learn to negotiate like a pro.

Additional important resources:

Manage your job search online using Jibber Jobber.

Find out what your references are saying about you with a respected reference checking service.

Work on yourself with help from the Online Self Improvement Encyclopedia.

Many more resources are provided in the e-book “Escape Retail Hell.”